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Swedish Automaker Faces Smallest Recall Ever |

It’s been a record year for automotive safety problems, manufacturers so far recalling more than 40 million vehicles in the U.S. alone, often in seven-figure increments.  But the little Swedish automaker Koenigsegg has set something of its own record.

The supercar manufacturer has advised the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration it plans to recall just one single vehicle due to a tire problem.

4 days ago
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Most people don’t know this, but Prost is actually French for “turns in on people.”

4 days ago
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me:* smells burning *
me:* checks temperature gauge *
temperature gauge:* normal *
me:* frantically searches traffic for a car shittier than mine *
me:* spots Plymouth Breeze *
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Commute time is the secret shame of every Southeast Michigander. Ask how long her commute is, but don’t be surprised when you hear a pack of lies.

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On I-275 like

I see from your Volvo you’ll be taking the Ann Arbor exit.

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